New Beginning

Saarthi E-Rickshaw, since the beginning of time, we have celebrated innovation and forefronted it because if we don't try new things, how would we know where we could be tomorrow ?

Saarthi E-Rickshaw is deeply committed to delivering superior quality in all that we do. Our business model is typically based on customer's centric. This means providing the highest quality of attention and care at every level, from design conception to dealership and from purchase to service.

What sets Saarthi E-Rickshaw apart from other e-rickshaws brands is our daring originality. We are courageous in accepting challenges, provocative in our ideas and solutions. With a new era of e-vehicles, we driving a new relationship between man and machines with our stronger body designs, exhilarating performances, transforming electric technologies and our imaginative craftsmanship.

Our new electric technology helps e-vehicles performance better, give you driving power at less battery consumption, comfortable ride with almost zero noise.

Our goal is to make an pollution-free, healthy lifestyle a reality for the times to come.

Time to start new beginning... together for a better and healthier world.

Moving Forward With Electric Energy...